Minimalism in interior design involves using the minimum materials to create a simple and functional piece. MINIMALIST STORE lives up to this idea by providing stylish, modern and space saving furniture for your needs. Our furniture brings the attention back to you, by creating a unique statement that can reflect your ideals.

Our store is backed by Careems Group, one of the most reputed names in Engineering and Electrical industry in Kerala. They have been closely associated with the architecture and interior design industry for a long time and MINIMALIST STORE for metal furniture was an organic branching out for the group.

Located in Kochi, the financial and commercial capital of Kerala, our store caters to all those who love simplicity, utility, elegance and durability of furniture.

Our key line of operation is creating affordable and stylish ‘function-over-form’ furniture for your space. Our designers talk to you, understand your requirements and vision and customize your dreams in the minimalist concept.

MINIMALIST STORE is about prioritizing creativity, and we are aware and conscious of your spaces, time, energy and relationships. We are dedicated to manufacturing the most futuristic pieces that highlight the beauty of every space you own.


Our vision is to create a furniture ecosystem that values the users and the uses. We aim to create a shift in the functional, minimalistic, futuristic furniture industry.


Our mission is to create furniture that are long lasting and of zero maintenance while reflecting your essence within our concepts.


With a history of over 30 years, CAREEMS has now ventured into the furniture industry through MINIMALIST STORE, with a clear vision of redefining the furniture market. We have learnt that high cost is not always equal to high quality and utility. We use the most modern design language and production techniques to create wonderful pieces of furniture that makes sense in all aspects.

Our wide range of powder-coated metal furniture is the single answer to many questions of modernity, durability and aesthetics. We do whatever possible to ensure customer satisfaction; we also assure high level of design customization assured in each of our segments.

The Minimalist furniture takes less space, less material, less maintenance and of course less cost of ownership. In the present situation of sky rocketing real estate prices, every inch of interior space is costly. Our furniture doesn’t waste space for its embellishments or larger-than-life ornaments. Thus it proves to be the best friend for all those who want the best space management.

We endeavour is to make quality furniture accessible to everybody. Our designs allow people to focus on people rather than on the furniture. We would like to call it “Human Maximum, Furniture Minimum”.

We are dedicated to continue the trust and honesty our Group founders pledged to the society and earned back from the society. This new venture will also stand by its values as well as customers.